Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal

The brawn of any edifice depends more on the foundation than the framework and the same goes for anything in this sphere. With the most experienced teachers acting as the framework of the edifice and Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal as the founding block, the structure doubtlessly has become even more phenomenal. Months of planning, days of miscalculation, hours of thorough finding for exceptional teachers and material, minutes of credence, every countable second of dedication has led to the foundation of this academy. Beginning with only a few students and a mere personal tutorial center, the academy today has over ten times of the actual strength with the numbers still in counting.

The inception was just a dream, the expedition was a reality and the smirk on the faces of the students on being confident and thriving is the achievement.  Early days were as hard as they have always been but the founder of the academy, with his unbeatable zest to provide what the students needed, made him go forward from addressing the academy as just ‘ I ' to ‘we'. Hence at rearmost after so much of dedication, it’s still a ‘we’ with the journey still in continuation and many destinations already attained.